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*STAR BUY* 2kg Sizzling Tikka Breast Strips, FREE 1x10 10" Wraps And 1ltr Mint Yoghurt


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Sizzling Tikka Flavour Chicken Strips  A premium 10-12mm chicken breast strip, perfect for deli bars or on a salad. 
Sizzling Tikka - Punjabi inspired, and a British favourite - a classic blend of spices balanced with yoghurt gives this dish a taste true to it’s roots.


10" Wraps - Tasty Plain Flour Tortillas that have been developed to be the perfect wrapping for everything from Fajitas to Quesadillas and Burritos. 

Mint & Yoghurt Dressing - A yoghurt and mint dressing that's creamy and smooth with a sweet flavour. Great on barbequed food, wraps and salads. 

Important notice regarding COVID 19

For the safety of our staff during these unprecedented times we are currently running limited production days. This means that all chicken products will be delivered frozen (even if marked as Fresh on the site).

Sorry for any inconvenience caused but we are sure you appreciate that the health and well being of our staff must be protected during the current situation.

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